Things I am doing differently this year

I unabashedly love the new year. I love starting a new planner and setting goals for the next 12 months. Admittedly, I have set goals and made plans that I did not, and never planned on keeping. But as I get older, I have found it easier to stay true. Here is what I am doing differently in 2017.

More H20 – I love water.  I want to drink, swim and be around more water this year.

Enjoying Mother nature
8 months pregnant with Thandiwe

Bye bye bra’s – You know that amazing feeling you get after you take off a bra you have been wearing all day? Imagine that feeling all day.

Make more things – I get great joy from creating things. My DIY attempts are not quite pinterest-worthy but the satisfaction and joy from the finished project is all I need.

Make time for meditation – I want to become more mindful this year and meditation is a great key to that. Between my work, my kid, my dogs, my spouse, and life, I rarely slow down…and when I do, I spend my precious minutes on my phone. So, mindfulness is important to me.

Read more – I recently got a Kindle so I could read in the dark while Thandiwe night-nurses. It’s been great so far. My most distinct memories of my dad are always of him reading, a book in one hand while he twisted his beard in his other hand. I’m certain I got my love of books from his example and I want the same for my daughter.

Go outside more – This one goes without saying. I would like to visit state parks in Kansas and be outside in mother nature more.

Be more eco-friendly –. Everything has an impact. Where I spend my money when buying clothes, to how much plastic waste I am responsible for when I go grocery shopping. We often do these things without thinking. I want to continue being savvy about where I am putting my hard earned cash towards and how it is affecting the earth.

Take no shit – There are so many things I could say about this. But basically, I am going to put me first this year and stop sparing myself for the sake of others.

Write more letters – My friend Chuck writes and friggin paints the most beautiful handwritten letters that make the people who receive them feel *so* special. Engaging back and forth with her through snail mail has been a treat that I want to continue with all my friends all over the globe.



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