How to make coffee and tea a little more green

People are nuts about their warm beverages. I’m more of a tea drinker myself, but once in a while, I’ll have a warm cup of bean water too. Let me share with you 4 ways you can partake in this past-time with a little less impact on the environment

If you must buy your coffee or tea –  I encourage you to visit a local coffee shop as opposed to a chain. Support local and small businesses ❤

Take your own cup to go – Ask the barista to make your beverage in a reusable cup you bring yourself Most cups you get at the coffee shop are hard to recycle. Find out more here. Keep one in your car or bag so you always have one.

Make your own! –  This goes without saying but, if you already own a coffee machine, USE IT! There are ways to make it more eco-friendly.

  1. Buy your beans or tea leaves in bulk, in your own containers or in reusable, compostable, or recyclable materials. Look for a teapot that you can steep loose leaf tea . Or you can look into a single tea infuser like this cute sloth.

Buy Fair Trade – When you buy fair trade products, not only are you getting a better product, but you ensure that the people who harvested the beans or leaves are getting fair wages for their hard work. It stimulates economies, reduces the demand for child labor and much more. Read up on it here.


Sweet hand thrown mugs thrifted by my sweet friend @natalie.moon.mama

As for me, recently, my daughter has deviated from the norm and views regular bedtime as a casual suggestion. Because of this new development, I see myself appreciating the benefits of a caffeine boost more and more and more. For tea on the go,  my friend Erin gifted me the cutest tea infuser. It is a godsend! Especially because I forget my hot drinks often and it is double-walled and also has a lid, to protect little baby hands from hot liquids.

When it comes to coffee, Thanks to my friend Natalie,  I apparently prefer the taste of pour over coffee (who knew my tastebuds were so hipster) and luckily enough for me, there are a few zero-waste options out there for when I am ready to take the plunge.

Peace and Happy Drinking,



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