Spring cleaning – Kitchen Edition

IDGAF what the groundhog says, the warm weather we have been having has me READY for spring and with that comes spring cleaning! I am going to be sharing simple ways to make different parts of your home a lil’ more eco-friendly. Starting off with the kitchen.

  1. First tip is to always use what you have before going out and making any other purchases. Check your cupboards before you head to the store.
  2. Buy dish soap in bulk, or make your own. I have yet to make my own dish soap because I  am still using up a huge bottle of seventh gen that I decanted into a smaller bottle ages ago. I do not own a dishwasher so all our dishes are done by hand.
  3. Ditch the sponge! Get a natural sponge that is compostable or a reusable dish scrubber  that you can throw in the wash. I got mine  here: www.etsy.com/shop/FleetMade
  4. Say hello to compostable bottle and dish brushes made with natural fibers.
  5. Make your own cleaning solution. I simply use vinegar, water and some essential oils to clean all of my kitchen, from the fridge to the stove to even the floor. I add the ingredients to a glass spray bottle like this one.
  6. Ditch paper towels for simple cotton cloths or dish towels that you can wash when they are dirty.
  7. Invest in a mop and not in a gimmick. I have the Rubbermaid spray mop that I can use my own mop solution with and toss the mop head in the wash when dirty. I love it.
  8. Develop a cleaning routine and stick to it. Remember, keep it simple.

Next week I will share tips on how to make your bathroom a lil more eco-friendly.



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