5 Safe Online Spaces for WOC

These internet streets can be treacherous. Full of trolls, nazi’s and “I can’t be racist, my best friends are black/mexican/asian” type folks. Its annoying and frankly, tiring. If your timeline is full of trash, here are some of my favorite blogs and websites that I feel are safe spaces for everyone, but specifically WOC. If you feel like fixing your fingers to type “why cant this just be a space for everyone not just WOC” then this post and this blog are probably not for you. See yourself out! Peace!

Black Girl in Om : Chock full of content and images, Black girl in Om is an amazing space to see black women be vulnerable, thrive and just be.

Hey Fran Hey : If you know me, then you have probably heard me gush about Francheska of Hey Fran Hey. From her youtube channel to her podcast to her website. She makes health and wellness approachable.

Another Sunday : A blog by author and self care aficionado Alex Elle. I love her honesty and transparency. Her Instagram and blog are both serene and full of self care tips.

The Lazy Natural  : A tumblr blog run by Marenna, a great place for natural hair inspiration among other things.

Yolanda V. Acree  :  Fellow minimalist shares her travels and minimalism journey on her blog and YouTube channel and is very sweet, intelligent and down to earth

If you have any other blogs or websites you visit that you know are safe places, please share in the comments!




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