Curly pro-tips

My natural hair plays a big role in my path to living a more eco-conscious lifestyle.Going natural is what started it all.  I have been accosted enough times in the natural hair section of Target to know that its a big deal to other moms and women out there. After being natural for 9 years, here are my pro-tips that make my life a lot easier.

Hair is just hair – I have shaved it all off, braided it, colored it and attempted to loc my fro. At the end of the day, I love my hair, but it does not define me. Remind yourself of that when your twist out flops. Throw a scarf on and move on with your day sis.

Find realistic hair goals -Sadly, the most popular natural hair gurus and online accounts tend to have a loose curl pattern. We all don’t look like that. Don’t waste your time coveting a pattern your hair will never confirm to. Find people who look like you and support them. Representation matters.

Get you a bonnet or silk pillow case – Cotton absorbs moisture and our curls need all the moisture they can get. Make sure to sleep with a satin scarf, bonnet or pillow case

Be kind to your fro – braids,weaves, and wigs are cute but if you are not careful, when you take them off, they will take your edges and sometimes even your hair with them. Give yourself time off between protective styles and make sure to do a deep treatment.

Simplify your routine – It is easy to waste money on products that you don’t need. Especially since the natural hair community is inundated with sponsorships and native advertising that suckers us in. Find people that give honest product reviews, find products that you can use on more than your hair (like shea and mango butters, almond and coconut oil) .

My routine looks like:

  1. A deep conditioner or oil treatment
  2. A shampoo
  3. A conditioner or leave in conditioner to detangle with.
  4. A butter to moisturize with after i’m done. Right now I am using a homeade mango butter mixed with a drop of melacula oil.
Embrace that fro

Dassit. I like to keep it simple.






3 thoughts on “Curly pro-tips

  1. Short, sweet & to the point, I like!
    Quick question tho; you DC & then shampoo? I do the complete opposite & I’m wondering if I’ve been screwing myself all this time in doing that?


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