January 2018 favs

Things that made my birth month a little sweeter, easier, or more comfortable.

This post contains some affiliate links meaning that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

Afrifitness – Probably the only way to get me to work-out and have fun at the same time, and it is free!

Mindfulness Mudra Charm – Added this little sweet charm with a jump ring to my fave necklace as a small birthday gift to myself.


Onbuhimo – Rediscovering my love for this kind of carrier and grateful I can borrow and return it from my local babywearing lending library as needed.

Kavu rope bag – My go-to last summer, this bag is making a comeback as I chase around my active toddler. I wrote about it in my summer essentials diaper bag post last summer.

Embroidery – Probably my favorite fiber craft to do, I am enjoying creating and sharing some needle art.


 Seedlings – I dream about when my favorite fruits and veggies will be in season again. I also love perusing Baker Creek Seeds and ordered my first seeds of the season for my spring/summer garden.

Homemade lipbalm – A simple mix of beeswax, mango butter and some lavender, it has kept me supple and moisturized all month long. Simple to make, cheap, and lasts forever.


Keen boots– After a few close slips I finally decided to say goodbye to my old raggedy bearpaw boots and invest in some quality footwear. These Keen boots are warm, waterproof, and easy to style and I know will last me forever. I pretty much wear them everyday in winter.DSC_1126

Witch wave podcast– My favorite podcast right now.

Happy mid-February!



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