A Word on Thanksgiving – Stop the Candy Coating

I am reading There’s no such thing as bad weather to prepare myself for outdoor activities with my little one as winter approaches. In the book, the author talks about how in Sweden and other Nordic countries, that educators are honest with the students about the human impact on climate change. Fearing that the information is too scary for children to hear, parents in the U.S. often complain when American educators try to follow suit. However, in Sweden- these practices have produced little environmentalists who are adamant about composting and other eco-friendly practices. In essence, these children know the truth and strive to make a better world for themselves and the Earth.

How can we do better if we do not know better? I look forward to homeschooling my child because she won’t have to unlearn the candy coated history of America when the time comes for her to study it.

Image from Pixabay

The country of my birth gained independence from Britain 1965 and still has not recovered from the greed and decimation of colonial rule. My people were rounded up, murdered, and had western Christianity and ideals forced upon them. Their way of life was destroyed. I often think to what Zimbabwe would have been like if it had never been colonized. My people are brilliant, educated, funny, and innovative. And it fucking sucks that its such a hard place to live if you aren’t rich.

I can’t imagine the pain and anguish of First Nations people today. And for us to not have honest conversations about the genocide that this holiday is built on is a travesty. How can our children not do better if they don’t know any better?

Harvest season is great time to be grateful for the amazing blessings you have in your life. But we must not forget how we got here. The people who helped us, the bridges we burned, the people we hurt, and how we can do better. No more candy coating.



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