4 Ways To Get Familiar With Herbs

From  cooking with from fresh vegetables and herbs, to even growing your own food, there are lots of points of access to learning more about herbs. However, if you are a new to this, it might  be intimidating at first. Here are some simple ways to learn more about herbs, as well as my favorite online resources.

Make your own tea blends

Tea is a great way to learn the different names of herbs as well as how they work on the body. Buying herbs in bulk is also a great way to be more low waste about tea drinking. Rosemary is great in food, the tea is a good hair rinse, the dried herb makes for a yummy smoke blend too. Chamomile is a relaxing and delicious tea that I add to my daughters night time bath to help her prepare for bed.

A thrifted mug makes the tea go down smoother. Or at least thats my excuse. 

Grow some herbs

Hit up your local greenhouse and pick up some herbs you can grow in a pot if you are a first time gardener. Mint does well in pots and you can use it for food, specialty drinks, and teas as well.

Oregano, Yarrow, Mugwort.Some of this harvest came from container gardens or the raised beds we have in our backyard.

Go on a plant walk or look for a local herb group

Learning the names of local and indigenous plants is empowering. You can learn what grows around you that is poisonous and edible, and along the way, you can meet like minded people.

Mullein and Me! An amazing plant that grows wild in a lots if yards and properties. Don’t mind my far out outfit, it’s hot and I am trying to avoid ticks 

Cook with herbs

A great way to be understand herbs is to know what they taste like and how they smell. Visit a local spice shop and speak with the people that work there about spices you are interested in and what dishes to cook with them. Practice cooking your favorite meals with different spices to change things up.

Bonus tip:

Don’t be afraid to try and fail. By far the most delicious cantaloupe (picture below) I ever tasted was one that grew in my backyard, from the seeds of a store bought cantaloupe that I scattered outside. I have also purposefully planted watermelon and cantaloupe and they never survived. So this was a sweet surprise.



My favorite online resources:

Commonwealth Herbs

Herbal Academy

One Willow Apothecaries


Mountain Rose Herbs

Frontier Co-op

Strictly Medicinal Seeds


Herbs and Oils 

The Holistic Herbalism Podcast

Medicine Stories 



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