10 Children’s books We Love

Summer is over, things our slowing down, and as outside play becomes shorter and we venture back inside, our reading time is increasing again. We have always been big readers, but now that we are weaned , and have cut down on screen time, I am welcoming the snuggles under the covers with a good book that happens multiple times a day in our home.

I enjoy getting inspiration from what other caregivers are reading to their kids, especially as the holidays are coming up. Books are ALWAYS great gifts in my humble opinion and I wanted to share what we have been gravitating towards, or always return to, over the past few months.

Some tips for being more eco-friendly with books:

  • Swap with friends, some of my babes favorite books are hand me downs.
  • Visit your local library
  • Visit thrift stores, or  second hand bookstores.
  • Buy second hand online. I typically use thriftbooks, especially now that I can create a wishlist for my little one for our friends and family to get her something if they choose to.
  • Buy from local bookstores before supporting a chain.

The books


Bizz and Buzz make Honey Buns. A little free library find , this book tells the story of a pair of bees setting out to make honey buns using a buttercup flower. It cracks me up the whole time and is very sweet.

505e5e6b-284e-441c-be48-3132350e24daAdventures with Barefoot Critters. A library book we have borrowed multiple times, the illustrations are just darling. A author is amazing. I love the books

9a3a378a-8bf2-41f4-98bb-0fe9b325b5d6My Very First Mother Goose. A hand me down from a friend. We got this book in great condition but it has since been taped up because it is worn from how much we read it. My little one loves the classics like “Dickory dock” and “Jack and Jill” and is constantly reciting them to herself

b127bf70-27ee-4e9f-8b35-a3b489c2acbcA Child’s Book of Blessings and Prayers. Purchased from my local UUFT book sale. I love this one for teaching her blessings to say before bed/meals

b09d1128-bbcd-46b5-9230-05d2f2070eecThe Prickly Hedgehog. Another friend hand me down. A story about a wee hedgehog that gets lost and goes on an adventure. She cackles whenever I read it, so we both love it.

9c6834ee-f0e5-4a93-a2b0-02eea09ba978Sonya’s Chickens. I must admit this book purchase was mostly for me, because I ADORE Pheobe Wahl and all her work. But, my kid loves the book, so I am glad. The story is about a child named Sonya, tending to her chickens.

cef4dc05-507a-47db-89c7-ca12a13e24e2The Rabbit Listened. A Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library freebie , the story is about a  child who just needs someone to listen after something unfortunate happened to him. It’s sweet.

542c63ae-6c10-46b8-b382-9d62dd032623Everyone Eats. This one is from Brimful Shop and is one that she taught herself to sight read and entertains herself with a bunch. So I love it.

7fd02dd1-4495-4c50-80cd-78497c8ee33dCarrot Soup. A clearance find at a big box store. Not my MO, but i’m glad I grabbed it because the story is darling and she greatly enjoys reciting all the veggies that go into the soup.

faffda2f-e145-4f0f-b4e1-9e9301509dd7Tiny Perfect Things. A gifted book she got for Christmas last year. It’s adorable. She can stare at the illustrations for hours.

What books do your little’s love?

Reading, the Prickly Hedgehog




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