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How Can Babies Gain Weight Fast at 4-6 Months Old?

The period of 4 to 6 months of age is the period when babyren are developing everything on their bodies such as teething, increasing height, flip, sitting, knowing how to claim and practice weaning.

It is difficult for babies to gain weight quickly at this stage because their digestive system is not complete at this stage, so when babies practice weaning at this stage, they are likely to vomit diarrhea or apples. fertilize. When the baby is so, the baby will lose weight but can not gain.

The reason babies slow weight gain

Firstly, I often find out why my baby doesn’t gain weight? And these days, babyren often show strange signs. Is the baby ill or ill? If mom does not find out why? Should take the baby to the doctor for advice offline.

The following are common causes when babyren do not gain weight, but mothers should note:

Babies born prematurely slowly gain weight

Preterm or premature babies gain weight more slowly than full-term babies. Premature babies are often weak and susceptible to illness, so they may not gain weight even due to illness.

Babies with birth defects from birth

Babies with congenital malformations often have their hands, feet and especially cleft lip, cleft palate, when they are so it makes it difficult for the baby to suck on the mother’s nipple so the baby will not be as low in nutrient intake as other normal babyren.

Consider the baby’s ability to absorb nutrients

If the baby is feeding a lot or eating well, but the baby is not gaining weight or slowly gaining weight, the mother should pay attention to the baby is not absorbed or delayed absorption. Therefore, when such a baby should seek measures such as trying for babyren to take probiotics to enhance intestinal bacteria.

Babyren with digestive disorders

Babies aged 4 to 6 months of age their digestive system is not well developed so they are susceptible to intestinal diseases such as digestive disorders, constipation, diarrhea, bloating. 

Especially, many babyren who drink a lot of milk without proper vomiting, diarrhea, and mothers have to change milk constantly. Because of the constant milk exchange, it causes babyren to have many different types of milk, which upset the digestive system.

The baby refuses to breastfeed and refuses to bottle

At this stage, breastfed babies are best and breast-fed nutrients are both safe and nutritious. But some babyren refuse to breastfeed and if formula milk is fed, they will not.

Mothers must mix formula milk for babyren to drink with a spoon. Just spoonful of hearing the mother already saw oàn, the baby this period or eat at night, one night to a few so that every waking up to feed the baby.

Spooning a lot of difficulties is a baby stirring and pouring milk, a baby can drink once a little, so he has to put a small spoon. Long-standing cooling milk is not good for the intestinal tract of babyren.

Therefore, it is normal for a baby to gain weight slowly.

The baby is ill from birth

Many babies are born with a blood clotting disorder, jaundice, pneumonia, etc. Therefore, they have weaker immunity than healthy babyren. When babyren are born sick, period 4 to 6 months of age is a difficult period when raising babyren because they will often be sick.

Therefore, babyren will slowly gain weight than other babyren, of course, mother.

The baby breastfeeds but the mother does not eat enough nutrients

Babies who are exclusively breastfed, do not get sick or have any medical conditions and even eat more, but why are they not gaining weight or slowly gaining weight? At this time, do you often review whether your mother’s diet is nutritious to breastfeed? And whether the food the mother eats is full of nutrients or not.

How to feed babies and sleep to gain weight

Give babyren the right milk

Babies aged 4 to 6 months are the period when they are exclusively breastfed, only some mothers who do not have breast milk or who refuse to breastfeed must switch to formula milk.

When the mother breastfeeds, the mother should watch for the baby to breastfeed. Babies especially sleep when they are breastfed more and more at waking time and babies still feel the breast to look for and breastfeed, which is their instinct.

For babies drinking formula milk, the mother should give milk every 3 hours and let babyren drink gradually increase the number of ml of milk because the baby’s stomach grows day by day.

Start practicing weaning your baby properly

When the baby passes the 6th month, the mother should start to practice weaning. In the beginning, moms should let babyren eat thinly and a little to get them used to wean.

Especially since birth, babyren drink milk that has a familiar sweetness, so when they practice weaning for babies, they should buy baby formula for baby milk for a while when babies get used to it, please use salt powder.

Use measures to stimulate your baby’s digestive system

Some babyren breastfeed a lot but still do not gain weight or gain weight, the mother should add fiber such as vegetable and fruit juices, if the baby does not change, try giving the baby probiotics. Let me see my intestines.

If the mother has used all the methods and the baby does not change or gain weight, she usually takes the baby to the doctor for examination and specific advice. Absolutely mother is not allowed to buy drugs for babyren to take offline, so it will harm babyren without her not knowing!