Nourishing Hot Chocolate

My herb teacher rarely gave us measurements when she was discussing abstract comments. Her answer was always “some”, when we asked how much of some herb we should use in a recipe. It might sound incredibly frustrating, but it was actually rather practical and hilarious because even though it was inconvenient,  it taught us how to intimately learn the herbs we would be working with.

The upside is, I know what to use, the downside to this is that I don’t have a lot of  written measurements.

I posted the recipe for this yummy beverage on my instagram several weeks ago and quite a few folk were messaging me and commenting about how much they loved it. I figured it would be lovely to gather with loved ones and drink this as we celebrate harvest season. So, as requested :


Some Nourishing Hot Chocolate: 

Coconut milk (I used full fat from a can)


Raw honey


I make this on the stove top with a whisk and gently warm it up. It is so so good. Add some water if you choose to use full fat milk like I did and need to thin it a bit. I even added a skosh of Ashwaganda powder.

Stay warm friends if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere!




DIY Mushroom Costume

My kid has a wee obsession with mushrooms, and I thoroughly encourage it. She’s had a mushroom themed Easter, and birthday this year, might as well make it a triple and go the same route for Halloween as well.


I posted a picture of her Halloween costume and got several people asking me how I made it, so I wanted to make a shareable post.  Halloween can be a super wasteful time of year, and as always I am always trying to figure out ways to be as low waste as possible.

Disclaimer: I am not a perfectionist, I get an idea, and then fly by the seat of my pants. This costume was not the neatest, but it sure is cute.

What you will need for the hat

Umbrella hat/ or a wide brimmed hat

White clothes

Paint (I used acrylic) but you can use whatever color paint your mushroom is going to be

Glue (I used fabric glue and my hot glue gun)

A yard or two of  red fabric – I used red and white because her costume was an Amanita Muscaria mushroom but you can use whatever color fabric for your mushroom.

Half a yard of white fabric – for the bottom of the hat.


How to do it

Drape the red fabric on the hat or umbrella to gauge how much you will need to cover the whole top, and have some fabric to over lap underneath the brim. Trim the fabric to what you need. Use hot glue gun or fabric glue to secure the red fabric to the hat. Be liberal, and make sure to glue it around the rim too. Don’t make it a tight drape, leave room for natural folds in the fabric.

For the bottom, cut strips of the white fabric, and glue them down around the base of the hat to make the bottom of the mushroom.

Once its all secure, paint on the white dots et voila! A little mushroom cap awaits you.

The bottom

If she had white clothes, I would have just thrown those on her. But she didn’t and my lovely pal Carrie gave me the idea of using white pajamas as the base from (use code Primaryfaraih4 for 25% off) because after Halloween, she can just wear the jammies for bedtime.


Ways to be more low waste 

Use whatever fabric you have lying around, or ask a crafty person in your life for scrap yardage. It doesn’t have to be red and white. It could be green, blue, brown, white with other color dots.

Skip the plastic trick or treat bucket for a canvas bag, or pillow case. We used one of the baskets she keeps her toys in.

Go thrift shopping for materials

Happy Halloween!


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