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How to Choose Formula for Babies

Currently, formula milk is no stranger to mothers. For many different reasons, many mothers look to the middle of the recipe. But the only purpose is ” nutritional supplement for well-developed baby “. However, each dairy company has its own process, production experience, raw material source and research process. So not all milk is equally good. Mothers need to choose the right milk for their babies. So how to choose milk properly and effectively?

When do mothers need to breastfeed their babies formula (formula)?

” Breast milk is best for babies and babies “. Still know that breastmilk is the best for babies, but not all mothers have milk and enough milk to breastfeed. For many different reasons, the mother lost milk, less milk, diluted milk, … but she turned to formula milk as a solution. At that time, formula milk plays the role of nutritional supplement for the developing baby.

On the other hand, enough breast milk for the baby, but the baby is slow to develop, less weight gain is also a problem for many young mothers. At that time, formula milk is a source of nutrients to support the comprehensive development of the baby, supplementing the missing nutrients in breast milk.

From the above 2 reasons, many mothers use formula milk. The market for formula milk is also growing. But among those rich and varied types of milk, choosing the right milk for their babies has caused many mothers a headache.

Current situation of choosing milk for many mothers

Choose milk according to your emotions

Many mothers often have the concept of choosing milk for their babies by seeing that their neighbors’ babies use them appropriately and gain weight. Others choose milk for their babies according to TV advertisements to be rich in nutrients to help their children be smart and taller. All types are diverse to meet the needs of the baby’s age range.

However, that does not mean that all types of milk are equally good. A nutritious powdered milk product that helps children develop comprehensively when the nutritional ingredients need to be carefully researched to help children develop physically, brain and immune system at the same time.

Must choose foreign milk for children

Many mothers have a preference for foreign milk. Foreign milk is better than domestic milk, the more expensive, the better. This thinking according to nutrition experts is completely wrong. Because each baby is suitable for a different type of milk, mothers should not impose difficult milk that babies do not like. Choosing the right types of milk not only provides adequate nutrition for your baby, but also avoids reactions such as abdominal pain, vomiting, allergies …

Some criteria for choosing milk for babies

Choose milk according to taste 

Every baby and baby has a different taste. Each type of milk also has a variety of flavors such as orange, strawberry, chocolate, aloe vera … Even though the baby has not said it yet, when the mother gives the baby milk that is not suitable for the baby’s taste, it will have an unpleasant reaction and refused to drink. Because babies are too familiar with the taste of breast milk since birth. When switching to formula milk, many children refuse because they are not used to the taste and manifest through actions such as keeping their mouth shut, fussy, and puffing milk … On the other hand, many mothers are afraid when deciding to change new milk. because I think I should drink a fixed taste of milk. The more you are fed up with the mother’s milk, the more you force the baby to drink in a passive, aversion state.

Choose to buy dairy products with clear brands and origins

When buying formula for a baby, the first thing that a mother should care about is the brand and origin and origin of the milk. Choose for your baby the best long-standing brand milk with clear origin, with a representative company in Vietnam. Avoid buying milk that lacks brand names or fake milk, poor quality milk adversely affects the digestive system and the physical and intellectual development of the baby.

 Choose milk according to your baby’s nutritional status

Nutritionists advise users to differentiate types of milk to suit the individual. Thin children, who want to gain weight, choose fatty milk, ie whole milk, high-energy milk.
Fat children, do not want to gain weight using skim milk. Skim milk is skim milk, skim milk, low fat milk.
Light-weight premature babies use premature milk. Children over 1 year old malnourished use high-energy milk.

 Choose milk according to your baby’s medical condition

If your child has a cow’s milk allergy, switch to soy milk products.
Children easy to constipation, choose milk with added fiber, prebiotics, children lacking lactase enzyme should use yogurt.
Children with lactose intolerance choose lactose-free milk.

 Choose milk according to family economic conditions

This is one of the equally important criteria when you choose milk. Imported milk, expensive milk is not necessarily suitable for you or a family member. Expensive milk is not necessarily the best milk so we should be alert before the dairy brands in the market

The monthly cost of buying milk from a baby should also be included in the family’s budget, as the baby’s demand for milk increases rapidly with age. If you drink formula completely in the first month of life, your baby needs 4-6 boxes of 400g a month. In older children, each day needs about 2–3 glasses of milk (200ml glasses).

Notes when using baby formula

Expression when the baby absorbs milk well that mothers need to know

  • Baby’s face is radiant, the skin is well stretched. Good night, not crying.
  • Baby can drink good milk, gain weight evenly.
  • Your baby has normal bowel movements, with tight, yellow and lumpy stools

Expression of the baby to the mother needs to recognize and change the type of milk

  • Persistent vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Weak, dry skin.
  • Constipation, no weight gain.

How to preserve and use prepared formula

  • Brewed milk should only be used within 30 minutes – 1 hour at room temperature. As for the refrigerator compartment, it only takes about 1-3 hours.
  • The mother wants to prepare breastmilk for the next time to feed her baby, when she is finished mixing the milk, the new bottle will be stored in the refrigerator immediately. Milk kept in the refrigerator for no more than 3 hours, after 3 hours the mother should discard the prepared milk. When mothers store prepared milk in the refrigerator, mothers should stick labels and specify the time to prepare the milk to paste on the bottle. When giving the baby to drink the prepared milk in the refrigerator, the mother should leave the milk out about 1 hour before or she put the milk in the bottle warmer, hot cup of water to help warm the milk.
  • If you and your baby need to go out, you can prepare your baby’s milk and put it in a bottle of milk to bring. The maximum time of bottle incubation is about 3, 4 hours.
  • Mothers should prepare milk and feed the baby too, not prepare milk for the baby. Because milk is prepared for a long time, bacteria can invade and when reheated, it will lose nutrients in the milk.

How to preserve formula

  • Milk cans should be stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight from the sun, heaters. Do not leave the milk carton in the refrigerator.
  • Milk cans should be stored at room temperature, below 30 degrees Celsius. Keep the milk on the shelf.
  • When the milk is opened with the milk bags in the mother’s paper box, attention should be paid to the color of the milk, the fragrance … Delicious milk is the milk with a slight aroma, light yellow color, and fine powder.
  • Canned milk once opened can only be used within 1 month.

Some types of milk are selling well on the market today


Meiji is Japan’s number 1 recognized infant milk brand. This milk is generally considered to be cool, easy to drink, reduce constipation, increase height, gain weight evenly and develop comprehensively. If any mother does not ask too much milk to help babies gain weight quickly, this is a reasonable choice.

Among baby milk, Meiji is a relatively expensive line of milk, very popular, so when buying, you must be careful to avoid buying fake milk. You should buy Meiji milk from Japan or imported by reputable distributors.

Advantages of Meiji Milk

– Taste almost like breast milk
– Highly appreciated for the ability to grow tall
– Help children digest well, avoid common digestive problems such as alarms and diarrhea


Ineffective in helping children gain weight


Another product called ” vegetable milk ” is Nan’s milk. Nan is a product of the famous Nestle brand from Russia. The strongest advantage of Nan’s milk is that it is easily absorbed and easily digested by its balanced formula, which is suitable for your baby’s immature condition. Besides, Probiotics Bifidus BL is almost the same ingredient as breast milk. This is a natural probiotic for a healthy gut. In addition, Optipro in Nan milk provides high-quality protein with vitamins and minerals for natural, healthy and comprehensive development.

Nan Nga Milk is considered to be a very cool, light, fishy, ​​fishy flavor like Meiji milk, but still easy to drink, babies gain weight slowly but steadily, strong and sturdy.

Advantages of Nan milk

– Contains Bifidobacteria bacteria similar to probiotics present in breast milk, helps the intestines to be healthy and digested well
– Light milk like breast milk taste, helps children adapt well to changes


– Less protein than other types of milk


Physiolac Milk is a premium nutritional brand from France. This milk is also one of the lines of milk for children with constipation. The ratio of sugar and protein in Physiolac milk is almost the same as in breast milk. So the baby will not have colic, difficult to digest. It ingredient formula is full of nutrients to ensure a comprehensive and healthy baby’s development: DHA, EPA, FOS fibers, vitamins and minerals.

Physiolac is considered by mothers to have a sweet taste, natural aroma, reduce constipation, gain weight and have equal height. Physiolac milk is also cheaper than Meiji milk, so it is also a suitable option.


– The Casein / Whey Protein Ratio is 45: 5. This ratio is close to breast milk (40:60), so it helps your baby absorb better
– Solution for children with digestive problems
– No constipation
– Even weight gain


– Easy to clump when mixed with too hot water (should be mixed at a temperature of about 40oC)


Aptamil has 2 types of product lines from England and Germany. It is the favorite milk line for children today because milk contains calcium to help develop height, add the appropriate amount of mgnesium to help stabilize the digestive system, avoid the risk of bloating, constipation. Prebiotics (GOS / FOS) helps to stabilize the intestinal microflora. Together with Immunortis – a probiotic complex that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria on the stomach and prevents pathogenic bacteria from attacking.

Note for mothers : Mothers should use this milk for babies from 6 months old and older. Because of the high protein content required for baby’s development at this age. When giving Similac milk to babies, mothers also need to combine babies with fruit juice and yogurt to prevent constipation.

In short, there are many baby milk on the market, but not all types are suitable for babies. Mothers need to find out the information carefully before buying them to avoid buying fake products with bad quality and unsuitable milk. Be wise mothers, mothers.