Simple & Refreshing Coffee Scrub

Pregnancy left me with some rough and raggedy skin on my body. I chalk it up to negligence on my part combined with some hormonal changes. I’m working to combat it.  Anyway. Once upon a time I tried out a sample of this amazing scrub from a company that shall not be named. I loved the scrub, and once I finished the sample I made my way to their website to order a full size for myself. Lo  and behold, the scrub and the shipping cost were ridiculous. Back to the drawing board I went and recreated the same simple scrub with the same (if not better) quality ingredients.

What you will need:

  1. Fair trade organic ground coffee
  2. Wild Orange Essential Oil
  3. Almond Oil (organic if you can find it )

Mix a cup of ground coffee together with a few tablespoons of the almond oil till you have a consistency that feels good on your skin. Add 10+ drops of the wild orange oil and keep the concoction in a sealed glass jar. Use whenever you need a moisturizing and invigorating body scrub down. Fair warning, coffee grounds are messy AF in the shower but I love how I feel after using them.



My Beauty Regimen

Beauty is more than what you look like on the outside. How you feel on the inside is a big deal. With that in mind, I felt like sharing my favorite parts of my beauty regimen that make me feel beautiful inside and out.

Keeping a journal – Whether it is handwritten in a notebook, a poem, a weird thought I add to my notes on my phone, or a blog post-  writing my thoughts is extremely cathartic to me. I enjoy going back and reading past thoughts and seeing how much I have changed. Many people faithfully journal everyday but I journal when I can.

Therapy– Soon after Thandiwe was born, I started seeing a therapist. Not only because of my postpartum anxiety, but also because I wanted to put my best foot forward as a new parent and that meant dealing with some emotionally heavy stuff. POC rarely speak about mental health issues and African’s speak even less about it (we tell people who are mentally ill that they are bewitched or they have demons #gottalovemypeople) Getting  help was amazing and made me feel so much better.

Floss Gloss – Most nail polishes are toxic and smell terrible. Up until a year ago I was on the look out for a great nail polish. Floss gloss is made in the U.S.A., cruelty- free, vegan and 7 free! I’m a fan and they are the only polish I use.

Probiotics – When everything is running smoothly internally, I feel great. I try to take a regular probiotic or eat fermented foods to aid my digestion and boost the health of my microbiome.

Almond oil – I know that coconut oil is having its moment in the sun, but almond oil is an unsung hero. I use it on my face, on my body and my hair and I find it more moisturizing than coconut oil .

Shea moisture – I cannot sing enough praises about range of this products other than that I wish their packaging was better. I’ve used their body creams, hair products, soaps and I love them. I am currently using their low-porosity conditioner on my hair and my fro is loving it. A happy afro makes for a happy me.

Homemade body spray – Several years ago I used to be a Victoria’s secret body spray junkie. I stopped after I discovered just what I was spraying on my body. Now I create my own body sprays with my essential oils and tailor them to my mood. My current favorite recipe is below.


Whenever I incorporate these things into my life I feel amazing and look amazing. What are some things you have in your beauty arsenal?




Lush products review

I celebrated my birthday a month ago and treated myself to some Lush products. I wanted to buy myself something from an ethical company that was conscious of their packaging. The closest Lush is over an hour away and In a huge mall full of other tempting stores,  so I chose to spring for shipping. Sadly, the soaps did come wrapped in plastic, but the box and packing peanuts they used are completely compostable so that was a positive. In store, you can buy the soaps package free.

After a month of incorporating these products into my life, I am ready to share my opinion and whether or not I would repurchase them. This post is not sponsored in any way, I just enjoy sharing good products.



Yes, Yes,Yes to everything about this soap. A little goes a long way. I use it a few times a week and I have not even made a dent. It smells good, it is cleansing and not drying and my hair responds well to it. Would definitely buy again.


This conditioner was a huge fail for me. I was skeptic anyway. I have thick curly hair and I need a deep moisturizing conditioner that has slip for me to detangle my hair in the shower. I will not be purchasing this again.


Not my favorite scent, but this deodorant does its job. And it lasts a long time, which I love.


This adorable scarf is made from 2 water bottles. How neat! You can use it for several different things around the house, but I have been using it to protect my curls from my daughter’s grabby hands. It would make a great gift for eco-friendly peeps and it comes in different prints.



This soap has fennel in it,  which I am not very partial to, but it does a great job of cleansing my face. It has a big job on its hands as I have continued eating like trash since the holidays. I may try a different cleanser, but this one is still good. I would repurchase.

Often times hygiene and beauty products come in a lot of wasteful packaging. I’m glad I get the chance to switch up my routine for something better.