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Why Do Kids like Slides?

Heading towards the next phase of your kid? Yes, the toddler phase of a child brings in a lot of responsibilities for the parents alongside they engage themselves in a lot of fun-filled and self-learning experiences. Involving a toddler at all times may be tiresome. Toddlers love fun-filled, thrilling, and exciting activities be it indoor or outdoor.

The voluntary and involuntary actions of a toddler will always revolve around the hand-eye coordination. Toddlers naturally are thrill lovers, fearless, and always are ready to be exploring anything around them that triggers their level of interest. The thrilling rush of adrenalin that gushes up inside them motivates them to explore anything around them.

If u see them succeed once in a thrill, they would love to engage in the activity seamlessly repeatedly. One such activity easy to relate is the slides. Be it outdoor or indoor slides seem to be one thing which always attracts a toddler at all times.

Best indoor slides for toddlers

A toddler chooses a slide over other playground components for their thrilling experience. But it would surprise one to know that it’s not just the thrilling experience that counts, but a lot of growth factors involved in the same.

We must acknowledge the fact that being a new mom or dad of a toddler we may allow them to explore the playground, but we also keep checking them with a lot of safety guidelines. That is important too, but the supervising nature of the parent becomes a barrier for the toddler from exploring new components in life.

Since the parents cannot compromise on the safety and security of the toddler yet keep their kid’s love towards the slides, they introduce the indoor slides. Keeping in mind the uncompromising nature of the parents over safety and the loving needs of the toddlers, and to keep their adrenalin rush level up, they design the indoor slides.

This article helps you to explore the fun-filled best indoor slides for toddlers. Let us explore more about why kids like to play on slides.  It also provides you the best details on why a toddler loves to explore on a slide and what could be the benefits for the growth of the child by playing on indoor slides.

Why Do Kids like Slides

When can a toddler climb the slide?

We can calculate the functional and physical growth of a toddler on the activities based on their playground skills like climbing a slide, climbing overhead equipment, using a swing, etc. Even though different children develop their growth patterns differently at different stages, the growth of a child can determine by their early play skills.

You may teach children as old as 18+ months to climb the slide with parental guidance. Children after 23 months may look to climb the slides on their own and it is perfect to encourage and engage the child to do it.

Why indoor slides?

A well-designed indoor slide provides a lot of convenience to a toddler, as in comparison with the outdoor slides. Working women who can’t dedicate much time for their kid’s playground activities may easily opt for an indoor playground set up and the first thing to occur will be an indoor slide.

It keeps them engaged even when they are stuck indoors. Having already discussed what makes the toddler get attracted to slides, here are reasons one should look for the best indoor slides for toddlers. Indoor slides are the best physical activity components that improve the confidence levels of a toddler.

Benefits of a child playing on a slide

It serves as a confidence booster to the child when it slides from top to the bottom of the slide. Climbing the heights of the slides enhances the toddler to balance effectively and coordinate his movements.

So, what comprises the best, well-designed indoor slide for a toddler? The best indoor slide for toddlers offers the best rotationally molded plastics with safety rails for comfort and support. Indoor slides not only must provide to add the thrilling experience of the toddler, but it also has to cater to the need for speed for these young buds.

Safety features

Indoor slides for toddlers are safe enough to engage the child in promoting the challenging nature of the child without the fear of tumbling upon unsafe playing ground components. You can look for the best ideas while selecting the best indoor slide for toddlers.

Toddlers love to play individually and in groups. Even when you choose an indoor gaming slide for your toddler and his friends, it has to fulfill the basic standard and safety parameters.

Indoor slides need to be stable on the room’s surface. It has to be sturdy enough to handle the weight of toddlers even when they climb in groups, at least a minimum of three children at a time.

Assembling an indoor slide must be easy, and it supposed to be easily cleaned. Make sure while assembling the indoor slide, no sharp edges remain. You must use minimal tools in assembling the slide. The slide must be durable enough for toddlers. The material used for the slide must be non-slippery.

Why Do Kids like Slides


A best indoor slide must be foldable and must occupy minimal space for storage. It must be safe to use the slide in all-weather. The materials used in the slide must be natural and non-allergic and skin-friendly for the toddler to use.  Mostly high-quality birch-wood or high-quality plastic suggested. Make sure of non-phthalate materials being used in the making of the slides’ materials. Look for non-toxic materials which could be easy to clean.

Innovative indoor slides like treehouses, woodland climbers, and inflatable bouncer houses clubbed with slide may keep your toddler and his friends or siblings engaged. These slides also need minimal parental guidance, ensuring the safety of the toddlers. Look for attractive and bright colored indoor slides to attract kids.

Finally, make sure that the slide doesn’t have a rugged landing surface and also it must avoid being too slippery. The handrails also must be sturdy enough for maximum grip for the toddler.  Not the last thing to mention all this must fit your budget and must customize based on the toddler’s need well within your budget and the available indoor space. Happy and safe playing.